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Here is a list of projects that I created or contributed to. All of them are open-source, so you can also check how I write code 😅. Some of them need improvements, so if you are willing to contribute, contact me.

Still alive

  1. CoFeed-19: Client-only Feed Reader, Free, No tracking, Minimalist. I created a free minimalistic Client-only Feed Reader to track my favorite blogs.

  2. why: A tool to document your package.json scripts.

  3. symlink-config: A tool to make your JavaScript repos cleaner by symlinking your project config files to root.

  4. mockingcase: node package that converts a string to mOcKiNgCaSe It may be a not very useful package, but while working on it I learned a lot, and still consider it as an amazing piece of software. More about it here.

  5. redux-requests: Redux addon to simplify handling of AJAX requests. I added the promise driver, set up the documentation site with docusaurus, and participated in discussions about library design.

  6. tt: Command-line time tracker written in shell script Why and How I built this tool.

  7. jump2header: add "jump to" links for markdown headers Used in several popular open-source projects like exceljs, react-native-webview and others.

  8. @strdr4605/eslint-plugin-react-props-destructuring: A very opinionated rule for ReactJS props destructuring. See discussion here.

  9. WHO AM I: At BEST Hackathon 2021, my team and I created an Augmented Reality game. Play it with your friends.

  10. Spacebook: At NASA Hackathon 2019 my team and I created a Progressive Web App which shows Astronomy Picture of the Day in an infinite scroll feed. A (not perfect) app that works by these days.

  11. Extinction Map: At FAF Hackathon 2020, my team and I created a web app that shows a map with the timeline of animals that became extinct.

  12. fucking-nothing: a trolling project that looks like nothing but it's not.

  13. issue-branch-action: Github action that comments on an issue when a related branch is created.

  14. Fracfik: At my first Hackathon, we created a game that helps kids to learn fraction operations.

Somehow dead

  1. Open-source app, that displays real-time positions of public transport. I added features like vehicle off-route updates, render vehicles as "off", marker drift on zoom.

  2. @goparrot/react-native-geometry-utils: Google maps geometry utils for react-native I worked with React Native Modules and wrote some Kotlin and Swift. There are non-async replacements for this library, but it's still used.

Archived because we found the same functionality without the native bridge.

  1. 999 Plus: Extension for sorting items.

Sorting was added to the site, but the extension is still useful to remove booster posts.

  1. @strdr4605/react-native-rename: A fork of react-native-rename@2.4.1 with several improvements. Archived now.

Archived because the original library finally added the missing features.